Going Dairy Free, but I love my tea!














As you may know from reading previous posts that Harry is Gluten free because of his IBS etc. Well, I have been feeling funny after drinking milk in tea, I LOVE TEA, so I thought maybe I have a slight intolerance to it. I seem to be fine with milk in other things but just not when it’s added to things like tea and eggs etc.

Because of this, I decided to not have normal milk and try lactose free milk as I thought because I can have things with milk in, I may have an intolerance to an element of milk. So I have been drinking lactose free milk, or soya milk and almond (when making protein smoothies) but after eating 2 bags of sharing chocolate yesterday *don’t judge me I was celebrating passing 2nd year of Uni with a 2:1* and having really bad stomach pains all day today. I have decided to go completely dairy free dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

I know this is going to be hard for macros etc. and I know life is going to be a little more expensive, but I think it is a good thing to try as my stomach has felt more bloated today and overall uncomfortable. Which isn’t good if you have a 5:45am shift at work!!

But I hope it isn’t too hard to do, hopefully dairy free chocolate will taste just as nice! But I will keep you posted and show images of what I have found that is macro friendly and dairy free.

If you struggle with something similar, let me know and if you have any tips do share. HG x


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