This weeks must haves!!

It’s Tuesday, the weather is rubbish! Where has summer gone?😭 harry has today off work so we have gone to the gym and going to town.

We did different things at the gym this morning, I did a total body conditioning class with different circuits! Harry did a heavy lifting session to clear his head and make Tuesday more positive! We left the gym feeling refreshed and ready to face the horrible weather.

After making epic sandwiches for lunch we headed to town. Harry had to get his phone fixed as he dropped it and it smashed and we also wanted to grab something new from our favourite supplement shop💪🏼

So, what did we get?

Our favourite shop in town is Matrix fitness store. It is full of so many different products and they always do great deals! If ever in Colchester, you should check it out!

We are always up for trying new things and at the moment BCAA has been something we are trying to change and refresh, as finding a great tasting BCAA can be tough. Luckily for us we stumbled across NOCCO BCAA🙌🏼. A BCAA we have seen all over social media, especially Swedish fitness pages!

We are excited to try these when we next workout tomorrow, will let you know what they are like! But the packaging of them is so nice and being in separate cans is great and so handy. Plus, I’m not a big fan of really fizzy drinks, so being carbonated water is great for me. Finally, they have no fat and no carbs and ONLY 14KCAL a can!!😍🔥

As well as this, harry is still doing a clean bulk and needed new protein bars to help fill his macros. Harry picked up a selection of different quest bars, as they have so many great reviews, and so far he has been very impressed! Plus they are gluten free which is an essential👌🏼

Finally we popped to Aldi to grab some bits and we found lighter macros crisps! This is great when you have cravings for naughty food because you feel like you have had something bad but with less fat, cals and carbs! Which means it doesn’t really effect your goals.

As well as this, we found sandwich thins! I’ve heard great reviews about using them rather than having bread because they are lower in calories, fat and carbs! 1 sandwich thin (2 little thins make 1 whole thin) equals 0.8g fat & 17g carb. This is great for a low fat and low carb diet. I’m excited to try!🎉

Have a shop around and see what you can find! HG x


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