Weekend away!

Got to spend the weekend with the family, it was so good to see everyone and it was even better because we found our own treats! 

Everyone had brought crackers, cheese, pateè and chocolate. Most things that we can’t eat! As fun as it was watching the others enjoy a load of things we couldn’t🙄 we wanted a few treats ourselves so we headed to the shop! 

Free from products are so expensive and this makes it hard for students to eat daily, let alone have treats, when living on a budget. So we decided to try Sainsbury’s own version of cake and chocolate. You can hardly tell the difference between normal cake and free from cake🎉 this makes having an intolerant more bearable. You should try Free from products made my supermarkets rather than looking for particular brands! 

As well as this, since last year we found Mallow & Marsh products only in certain petrol stations, so when we found their products in Sainsbury’s we were over the moon! Especially as they are currently on offer!!! These pieces of marshmall are gluten and dairy free (only the dark chocolate ones are dairy free)! However, they do advise not to eat them as they are made in a factory that handles milk products. But if you do not have a severe and are only affected by dairy when eating it then these are fine😊 Better than fine, they are great!! 

Finding snacks you can eat makes going away from home more bearable because you know you are going to be able to eat if you aren’t up for cooking. Because 9 times out of 10 you don’t want to cook when you are away!! 

As well as eating, we spent time drinking and laughing with the family whilst playing board games! The long journey home meant we have done nothing all of today… except watching Game of Thrones🙌🏼

Have a look around and let us know if you find anything great, HG x


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