Starting again

2 weeks ago life changed and meant that we rushed home and our life stopped for a few days. As a result of this, I feel like I am starting my fitness journey all over again. I feel this way because I have lost motivation to train hard and only been doing short bursts of exercise, for about 30 minutes!

As well as this, my diet has been up and down. I haven’t been eating loads of crap (1 because of being dairy intolerant means I can’t sit eating endless amounts of my favourite chocolate) but I have eaten more sweets. As I’m still eating healthy and living on my same diet, that I’m on because I was training hard and every day, it’s had different effects on my body because the calories, carbs and fat aren’t being used for the right reasons!! Which can be annoying.

Although my moods and emotions have been all over the place and my drive for exercise has been minimal, I have pushed myself to go the gym (even if it is only for 30 minutes) so that I don’t loose all focus on the gym and get into a bad habit. This is the main thing I want to point out to people that are in a similar position and dealing with loosing motivation, because everyone loses motivation for different reasons but as long as you keep trying to get back into exercising, you will eventually get back to how you were.

Being halfway through week 2, I am slowly getting back into the gym and later on today I am going to an exercise class. My passion is dancing and I love dancing exercise classes, so I’ve booked into one to boost my mood and do something I love again. Another way I have helped get myself back into the gym is by stocking up on my favourite BCAA by NOCCO. When I’m losing motivation, I am hoping the extra hit of energy and caffeine will push me through the struggle of staying motivated!

Most importantly stay positive, I have pushed myself into work and am going home at the weekend to see my family, which I am very excited about! I’ve also made sure that I don’t view the minimal exercise negatively and get upset because I’m not working out like I was. Instead I’m viewing it as I’m trying and soon I will be back training like I was before.

If you are struggling with staying motivated, chat to us, we can help! HG x



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